Thursday, August 28, 2008

Calling Other Astronomoms

I was thinking of opening up this blog to other "Astronomons", partly as a way of increasing the post frequency (which I don't think I'm ever going to manage) and partly as a way of making it a more generic resource/support system for Astronomers at all careers stages who are also mothers. I know some other Astronomoms, so I will be asking them personally if they are interested in that idea, but if anyone else who is an "Astronomom" has found this blog and would be interested then you should get in touch.

Astronomom Move

I get horribly annoyed by bloggers who spend half their posts apologizing for not posting. But I just want to say that posts have been infrequent as I've been dealing with a transatlantic move. We're in limbo for the next month or so traveling to visit family before finishing the move, so it's not going to get better any time soon. Needless to say packing/moving with a 18 month old (where does the time go?) is not much fun. But as a postdoc I have little choice, and am happy to be moving on from my current institution anyway.

Just wanted to write a sympathetic note to Mother of All Scientists for her horrible flood experiences. Makes moving seem like a walk in the park (well as long as the boat carrying all our stuff doesn't sink!).