Friday, August 28, 2009

Paid Parental Leave in Different Countries

Thanks to Women in Astronomy for pointing out this work illustrating the different levels of paid parental leave guaranteed in 18 different countries. I wanted to reproduce the figure here. I think I've already made my opinions of the US federal minimum of 12 weeks unpaid maternity leave quite clear. This kind of makes my point for me I think!

I'm not sure why Canada was left of - 52 weeks of paid leave would put them right in among the Scandinavian countries! Way to go Canada!


Mrs. CH said...

Yay Canada! Too bad we might be moving to the US (based on this graph).

Is there any push to have this changed in the near future (or at all for that matter)?

Astronomum said...

I think there are people trying. Momsrising ( has certainly taken up the call.
It would be up to the US voters surely, but with Obama claiming a focus on the family, maybe it's next on his list after universal health care.... Certainly Michelle Obama is raising the issue.