Friday, October 19, 2007

Junior Faculty

We had a "family outing" this week to a discussion on how to go about getting that elusive faculty job. Little one was a hit and made her opinions (mostly babababa and gu-ahh) well known. She ate mashed carrots and peas while I got tips on how to write my teaching philosophy and the room debated what fraction of the audience you should aim to loose in the last 10 minutes of your interview seminar! I even risked breast feeding a little (discretely in the corner). The audience was young of course, since it was all postdoc and graduate students, but I was encouraged at how comfortable I felt with bringing my daughter. The decision to include her was helped by the session being advertised as "informal", and being scheduled late in the day when I had little other option anyway.

Still it was a bit discouraging that the number of people in the room was probably equal to, if not greater than the number of faculty openings we can expect this year in the whole of Astronomy....

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EcoGeoFemme said...

I had no idea the job situation was worse in fields like astronomy than in the earth/life sciences.