Friday, April 10, 2009

A shocking picture

Wednesday, my son brought back home a folder full of drawings and art projects he did at kindergarden over the past few months. We had fun going through it together. One picture caught my attention, it was especially well drawn. I could recognize our living room, and three people in there, but I asked Chatton for extra explanations. At the middle was him, playing legos on the floor. Then I asked "And daddy and me are there playing with you?". His answer left me speechless for a few seconds: "No, you are both working on your computers".

How concerned should I be about this? I do think Chatton receives a lot of attention from the two of us, we really don't work that much around him. But we do spend some time with our laptops out, if only to catch up on email, read the news, or entertain ourselves a little bit after coming back from work. I don't think this is something he suffers from at all, when we are home there is usually one of us playing with him, and he has never made any comment to the fact that we were working too much on the computer, or expressed some frustration. So I don't really think we have a problem. But yet to see it on paper, it's a good reminder that we should be really careful not to let this become an issue.

With each our own work laptop and our "family" computer at home, there are a few times when I've caught the three of us all playing/working on a different computer at the same time. Is this the way of the future? If it is, I find this a little bit scary! And how soon after my second child is born in a couple months will we need to get a fourth computer??


Astronomum said...

This scares me too, as I sit at one end of the table typing this on Easter Sunday and my husband is working away at the other. To be fair little one is asleep. I try hard to check my impulse to look at my computer at home now - the result is I feel hopelessly behind on email most of the time, although the iPhone helps, at least in sorting them (I hate to reply on it as it takes me too long to type). I think this will be a challenge for parents in our generation. We already got little one a toy laptop to join in with us....

Mrs. CH said...

This is something husband and I need to start thinking about. We tend to come home and crash, on separate couches, with our laptops. We really need to get out of that habit before we have children!